eWorldAccess Enterprises
eWorldAccess Enterprises is a Canadian company, incorporated and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. We specialize in online learning solutions in the areas of Business to Business and Business to Consumer. Our professional team is made up of highly qualified multimedia developers, web programmer, designers, Internet technology experts and IT security professionals who have years of extensive experience in multimedia development, interactive course implementation, Internet/Intranet, networks using Microsoft NT, MTS, Windows series, Unix, Novell Netware, and AS IBM mid-size environment. We have been developing web-based solutions since the mid 1990's and have been involved with system¡¦s integration since the late 80's.

To realize the vision and to capitalize on the rapid growth in online learning industry, eWorldAccess has designed a range of proprietary web based platforms for online learning. They were developed based on Microsoft web technology under the AICC/SCROM guidelines, an international e-learning standard.

Why eWorldAccess?
  • We understand and fulfill the need of knowledge management through technology
  • We are the only online learning solution provide with mature infrastructure on technology
  • We are on the industry growth curve for bold concepts and commitments
  • Our business model combines with extensive experience on franchise business, licensing, education and innovative technology
  • A long-term and rock solid multi-revenue streams business model

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